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Why adoption is a lifelong commitment and how to prepare

Adopting a dog or cat is similar to adopting a child, it is a lifelong commitment as you will need to provide care for them their entire life. When taking on a new pet, it is important to consider how they will affect other parts of your life, such as traveling, working, relocating, adopting other pets and having children. If you choose to adopt, consider what type of dog would be best suited for you with the following factors: age, size and energy-level.

Since some apartments and communities do not allow pets, be sure to confirm if you’re allowed to have a pet live with you before committing to adopting. It's also important to consider your living situation; e.g. do you have backyard space for your dog to exercise? If not, are you willing to take them on regular walks for exercise?

If you have a backyard, it's advised that you make necessary modifications such as erecting a fence to prevent your pet from breaking out. If you live in an area where your neighbors may not have dogs, it's recommended to socialize your pet. Take them to a dog park so they have the opportunity to meet and interact with other dogs.

If your child wants to adopt a pet, be sure to discuss with them the long-term commitment and what it involves and how they will help contribute to caring for the animal age-appropriate. A suggestion would be to create a list or schedule with reminders and tasks such as to feed the dog, take the dog for a walk, let the dog outside etc.

It's understandable some people may walk into a pet shelter or Petsmart and decide to adopt immediately without considering the long-term commitments. Before making this decision, consider all of the aspects we outlined carefully, and discuss with experts if you have questions.

As with any dog, especially the dogs that Canaan Dog Alliance has available for adoption, these dogs need time to adjust to their new environments. Many of the dogs that we have rescued came from Jordan and suffered abuse, neglect and poor living conditions. These dogs will require lots of patience and an experienced dog handler.

We are Canaan Dog Alliance, the first U.S. based non-profit animal rescue organization solely focused on rescuing stray dogs from Jordan’s animal welfare crisis. Our mission is to provide as many stray cats and dogs in the Middle East with the second chance at life that they deserve.

We work to unite people of all ages and backgrounds who share in the belief of a world where animals are free from cruel and inhumane treatment. Canaan Dog Alliance is run by members who passionately believe in advocating for the voiceless and offer a united, amplified voice for all who join our community.

We not only rescue and rehabilitate animals from suffering, but also work with our sister organization in the region to support their efforts in educating the public on the pressing issues regarding animal welfare in the Middle East.

Visit our website and our Facebook and Instagram pages to learn more about our efforts and how you can help support our mission.

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