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Our Adoption Process

At Canaan Dog Alliance, we are solely focused on rescuing stray dogs from Jordan. Read on to learn more about our adoption process and how you can help provide a dog with a safe and loving home here in the United States.

Begin here with your initial inquiry. After your initial outreach, we will set up a chat with you as the potential adopter to see if you meet the eligibility requirements for the adoption application.

If we determine your eligibility, we will proceed with an application. Once this is approved, the next step is to conduct a video call to conduct a walk-through. We conduct our interviews in video form so that we can gain a better idea of whether or not the applicant is eligible for consideration in adopting one of our rescue animals.

If we feel you are a good fit, we will conduct a meet and greet with the rescue you are interested in adopting, and the application will be authorized.

We are Canaan Dog Alliance, the first U.S. based non-profit animal rescue organization solely focused on rescuing stray dogs from Jordan’s animal welfare crisis. Our mission is to provide as many stray cats and dogs in the Middle East with the second chance at life that they deserve.

We work to unite people of all ages and backgrounds who share in the belief of a world where animals are free from cruel and inhumane treatment. Canaan Dog Alliance is run by members who passionately believe in advocating for the voiceless and offer a united, amplified voice for all who join our community.

We not only rescue and rehabilitate animals from suffering, but also work with our sister organization in the region to support their efforts in educating the public on the pressing issues regarding animal welfare in the Middle East.

Visit our website and our Facebook and Instagram pages to learn more about our efforts and how you can help support our mission.

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