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At Canaan Dog Alliance, we not only rescue and rehabilitate animals from suffering, but also work to educate the public on the pressing issues. Since 2020, we have been setting and striving for our goals. Want to get involved?

 Canaan Dogs 

What You Need to Know About Canaan Dogs

Canaan dogs are a breed specific to the Middle East. They have existed for thousands of years in Middle East with minimal human interference. Unfortunately, modern day contentions surrounding dogs has made it difficult for the magnificent Canaan to continue to coexist among humans in Middle Eastern society. As a result of misconceptions perpetuated in the region, the safety of animals is under dire threat. That is why Canaan Dog Alliance has made it a mission to help address these issues by providing support to rescue groups working to combat this conflict. 

Due to their sensitive, affectionate and responsive dispositions, Canaan dogs possess a superior level of intelligence, loyalty, and devotion, making them perfect family companions. 


Our Sister Organization

As a leading animal rescue organization, Canaan Dog Alliance has partnered up with El Rahmeh for Animals and Tabanni, two Jordanian based non profit whose mission aligns closely with our own. Click the link below to learn more about our sister organization.

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